Rosewater Martini


Adding rosewater to this Martini gives it a lovely floral taste. See my DIY below for making your own rosewater at home. Not only reserved for using in this Martini but you can also use it for baking.

Rose Water DIY

Rosewater is actually very easy to make at home. All you need is pink rose petals (preferably from your garden and it must be without pesticides). Fill a pot with enough distilled water to cover your rose petals. Heat the water until it begins to boil and then turn on a very low heat and then add your rose petals to the water. The water will turn a light pink and the roses will lose their colour. Strain the rose petals and place the rose water in a glass bottle in the fridge.


Rosewater Martini


1 ½ shots Vodka (my preference is Grey Goose, it really makes a difference to the taste) If you like a “sweeter” Martini you can infuse the vodka with a vanilla pod by placing a whole vanilla pod to the vodka.  Let it stand for at least a day before using.

1/3 Shot Dry Vermouth like Martini Bianco

1/3 Shot Rose Water

Place all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake.  Pour in a martini glass or in a tumbler for a different look. Top with a rose petal for decoration.


Photography: YSP
Styling and Recipe: Yellow Papaya