Surf & Turf Salad


The Surf & Turf salad is easy to make and so fresh for summer! The honey smoked bacon complements the prawns and papaya perfectly.


For the salad:

  •        1 pack Honey Smoked Bacon {Richard Bosman}
  •        1 Avocado
  •        ½ Papaya, seeded and sliced in rounds
  •       500 g Mozambique Pink Prawns
  •      ½ Small Red Onion
  •      1 Packet Mixed Washed Lettuce, of your choice.
  •      1tsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  •      1tsp butter
  •      Salt & Pepper to taste


De-shell prawns and place them in a colander to get rid of any excess moisture. Heat a pan with 1 tsp olive oil and 1 tsp butter.  When the pan is hot and almost smoking add the prawns and cook for 2-3 minutes. If you are not using Mozambique pink prawns the prawns will turn pink when they are cooked. Place the cooked prawns aside to rest.

To assemble the salad start with the lettuce leaves and start by layering the lettuce with the honey smoked bacon, papaya and avocado. Finally top with the prawns and sliced red onion. Drizzle with olive oil and balsamic reduction (Optional).


Serve immediately.


  •    Side note: We used these amazing Mozambique Pink Prawns for the salad but you can use any prawns you like.



Styling – Simone Kruger

Photography – YSP