The best Christmas Leftover Sandwich.


Is it just me or did Christmas sneak up on us like a cheetah targeting her prey?

Every year I walk kilometres in malls to try and find the perfect gift for every special person in my life. Last year I promised myself this year, we are taking a break from Christmas shopping and we will rather spend quality time together. One of my many wisdoms in life is, time is too precious to waste on things that doesn’t matter. Spend time with your family and friends. You never know when time might be up. Speaking from personal experience.

On a much more merry note, the Christmas menu is always under debate in my family. After many compromises and briberies we always come to the same conclusion. The same menu as last year. Times may change and people may come and go in your life, but food never seems to fail. Every year I look forward to Christmas lunch, just because I know on Boxing day, we will be feasting on leftovers.  Cold meats on scrumptious bread bathed in my mother’s special homemade mustard.

So instead of a Christmas spread, we decided to share our simple sandwich recipe with you. It is just too hot to be in the kitchen right now. We are having ours next to the swimming pool with a cold glass of white wine. {by Yolande} 


Merry Christmas from the Yellow Papaya team!!!

We wish you a blessed & special festive season.

We used roast chicken and ham leftovers for this sandwich. You can use any of your leftover meats from Christmas for the sandwich.


  • 8 slices farmers bread (Toasted)
  • Leftover chicken (from Christmas roast chicken)
  • Leftover Ham (from Christmas Ham)
  • 200 ml Mayonnaise
  • 40 ml Whole Grain Mustard
  • 2 Plum Tomatoes, sliced
  • 2 Heads Baby Gem Lettuce, washed



Start by making the wholegrain mustard mayonnaise.

Mix the mayonnaise and mustard and keep aside.

Layer the sandwich starting with lettuce, then tomato, ham, chicken and then lastly top with some of the wholegrain mustard mayonnaise.

Serve with some of the mustard mayo on the side and enjoy.


Styling – Simone Kruger {Yellow Papaya}

Photography – Yolande Snyders {Yellow Papaya / YSP}