Lemon & Lavender Parfait

Today’s recipe was inspired by Yolande’s granny Jessie’s love of lavender.

In the words of Yolande…

We were busy planning our blog schedule over coffee one afternoon, not long after my grandmother passed away, so I was not feeling my usual self. Simone just looked at me, smiled and said, “We are dedicating a recipe to your grandmother”. The best part of working with a partner like Simone is that the worst days can still feel like one of the best.

My grandmother always believed in the use of herbs and flowers in food and home remedies. She could never walk past a bush without “stealing” a leaf or flower, crushing the delicate leaves between her fingers and asking me to identify the smell. Lavender was definitely one of her favourites. It can be used for so many different things, a beautiful small arrangement in a glass vase, tied up with string to hang in your wardrobe or just to enhance the fragrance of your shampoo.

I know Ouma Jessie would have loved Simone’s lavender twist in the parfait.


500 ml Cream

1 tin condensed milk

100 ml lemon juice

Fresh lavender (washed and make sure you don’t use any that has pesticides on)

1.   In a mixing bowl, add the condensed milk and lemon juice together. The mixture will thicken naturally.

2.   In a separate bowl whip the cream and the lavender to soft peak and fold into the condensed milk and lemon mixture.

3.   Pour into a bread pan and set overnight in the freezer.








Styling – Simone Kruger

Photography – YSP