Makes 2


120 ml gin (We used Blackmeerkat Gin)

550 ml Barker and Quin Indian Tonic

45 ml lime juice

150 ml freshly pressed beetroot juice

16 blueberries, muddled + a few more for garnish

Blueberries for garnish (skewered on a cocktail stick)

Dried beetroot slices for garnish

Edible flowers for garnish


Chill the serving glasses for 30 minutes. Add ice to the glasses along with whole blueberries. Muddle the 16 blueberries into a shaker cup and muddle top with lime juice and gin and beetroot juice. Double strain into the glasses to remove blueberry bits. Top with the tonic and stir before drinking. Garnish with blueberry sticks, dried beetroot and edible flowers.