Jane Austin’s Rose Water


Makes 2

120 ml gin (We used New Harbour Distillery Spekboom // iGwanitsha Gin )

550 ml Barker and Quin Light at Heart Tonic Water

45 ml citrus syrup (100 ml water +100 ml sugar + lemon skin = cook for 15 min and cool)

1 egg white

5 ml Rosewater syrup

Edible dried flowers


Roll the sparkling wine flutes in a little bit of citrus sugar syrup. Then roll in the dried edible flowers.

Chill the sparkling wine flutes for 30 minutes.  Place gin, citrus syrup in the glass and top up with tonic water. Whisk the egg white till stiff peaks form. Add rosewater syrup.

Top each drink with the egg white mixture and garnish with more edible flowers.